Jan 4, 2008
Keith at Texas Music Times

By the end of the record I was hooked.  Those songs kick ass.  They are what country songs should be with great stories.  Some serious and some funny.  I dearly loved Christi's Avon and Casey.  Those are fantastic songs and the others are not bad either.

Steve Simmons is one of the best songwriters in Texas.  His most recent project titled "Broadway" is filled with sad, funny, rocking, and honky-tonk style country songs.  His songs of Texas lifestyle are real without being stupid about drinking beer and chasing women.  he is a songwriter to be respected.  The ability to have two songs on the same record that are both so good yet so different is nothing short of genius.  Steve is set to return to the studio for some more recording soon.



Feb 4, 2010
Radio Play

Steve's album was #30 the 3rd week of August on the Root's Chart.  Steve's CD was #1 at KBSO the week of April 3, 2006.  Quote by Colton Cruser - KBSO Radio Corpus Christi "...It makes my job a lot easier when I have good music to spin.  I had to play "Lotto Tickets, Cigarettes and Key Stone Light" That song tells the story of my life and a lot of other people's too, I imagine.  You're always welcome here fora  live pick 'n' grin.  Keep up the good work."