For thirty years Steve Simmons has listened to the country music of Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Gram Parsons, Guy Clark, and all those guys that could put a complete story to music. The guys that noticed the things that you knew but really didn't think about until you heard it in a songs. Over that span of time Steve traveled the oil field roads, county roads and dirt trails of East Texas and learned to observe. "There's always something out there to see and to write about, if you're willing to slow down and see it."

Describing Steve as easygoing is an understatement and he is always ready to slow down and observe. Encouraged by friends, Adam Carroll, Owen Temple and Susan Gibson, Steve has written about love, life, and growing up in a simpler time from the prospective of someone that has been around long enough to look back. Using his wife, family and his East Texas background as a base, and having the benefit of Robert Keen, Townes Van Zandt, and Ray Hubbard, to listen to and learn from, along with a whole bunch of new young writers, Steve has tapped into a folk/country songwriting perspective of a man who's long on experience and subject matter. After freshman CD, "Broadway", that charted on the Roots Music Country Chart and a sophomore effort, "Texas Calling Me Home", that drew even more from his Texas roots, Steve is releasing his third CD of original material. "Lost in Paradise" features twelve new songs that run the music gamut using folk, country, jazz, western swing and blues to tell stories that cover people and life's happenings.